Well, sad news for Indianapolis. As you may have heard by now, The Earth House Collective is suspending operations, effective August 31st. In addition to being our food swap home, Earth House was a hub of all that is possible in Indianapolis. Music, art, sustainability, wellness, service…  the list goes on and on. The truth is I don’t know much more than you do at the moment, but I can confirm that hearts are breaking all over town.

I’m sure in the days and weeks ahead much will be said and written about the state of things at Earth House, but for now, I just want to address the food swap. We were already on the calendar there for our next swap on October 13th. I am working on a plan B, and as soon as I know details, I will pass them on to you. I am committed to continuing our swaps, and my hope is that we can meet in October as scheduled. The unknown, at this point, is location.

Earth House was the perfect partner for our swaps, and it serves as a good example of why this organization will be sorely missed in Indianapolis. From the moment I mentioned the idea of a food swap to the Earth House team last year, they were on board. They donated the space, aided in the promotion, and helped me drag out and set up the tables for every single swap. (And trust me, people… those are some heavy tables. Thanks Dave & Jon!)

My point is that they were open to new ideas. They were excited by them. And they did everything they could to bring them to fruition.

And I know there is no easy answer on how to move forward. One of the reasons the food swap thrives is because it’s a free event, and that was possible due to the generosity of Earth House. But in the end, a non-profit organization like that still has bills to pay. So, I’m hoping someone a lot smarter than me can figure out a way to make an idea like Earth House work in Indianapolis. We’re a better city with it than we are without it. (In my humble opinion, anyway.)

I think those of us that love Earth House are in the denial stage of our grief. The statement by the Board of Directors alludes to a future for the organization. I hope this is true. In the meantime, the swaps will go on. One way or another.

Stay tuned.

Suzanne Krowiak

Founder, Indy Food Swappers